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Ready for a Gelato Tour?

Gelato”, not “ice cream”: a difference of proportions and ingredients, which means less cream, more milk and no egg yolks. And which establish itself in Italy in 1565, at the court of Caterina de’ Medici, from the hands of an architect - Bernardo Buontalenti – who puts together snow, salt (to lower the temperature), lemons, sugar, egg white and milk. Today, its Capital is Rome – hosting about 1500 gelato parlors. With a peculiarity: traditionally, the cream is free.
So let’s go and find out some of the parlors reachable also on foot and perfect for a break between two visits to the many artworks around Eitch Borromini. With three little clues: the colors of the gelato (which, if too bright, could indicate less “naturalness” and more chemistry), the queue or the crowd (a sure sign of tastiness), and the laboratory on sight – telling that you are in good hands.

The unmissable seven
Leaving your accommodation at Eitch and going from Navona Square to Saint’Eustachio Square, behind the Pantheon, you will find the ‘Günther Gelato Italiano’ and its original flavor combinations. Knowing that, in the same Square, you can both taste a very particular coffee (to ask in its “Crema” version), and look up to admire the white spiral Dome of Saint’Ivo alla Sapienza, created by Borromini.
From there, crossing diagonally the Pantheon Square, two gelato places not to be missed: opposite to ‘Golden Cup’ (a second coffee, to be tasted in its “Espresso” version) there is ‘Venchi’ – renowned and refined e raffinato Piedmontese chocolate brand, which offers also an excellent gelato. At the end of the street parallel to this one and turning right, towards Montecitorio, one of the historic and most famous parlors in Rome - ‘Giolitti’, since 1900 – with an internal room and outdoor tables: what to say about its berries, or about its walnut gelato…
Going further, towards Piazza del Popolo, in Ripetta Street there is ‘Gelateria dei Gracchi’, based on the seasonality of the ingredients. And returning via Corso Alley, nearby Trevi Fountain, there is ‘San Crispino’ – one of the pioneers in Rome of natural gelato, much appreciated for the odness of flavors and combinations. And for its particularity: fruits are partly processed with the peel, with a wonderfully surprising result.
On the other side of Eitch Borromini, between Navona Square and Sant’Angelo Castel, in Coronari Street, there is ‘Gelateria del Teatro’ with its visible laboratory: the combinations are splendid and the choice is really rich. Going instead towards Trastevere, in San Cosimato Street, you can find one of the most award-winning parlors: ‘Otaleg’. Which proposes original creations, as the Vaniglia Bourbon with ginger or the Gorgonzola with chocolate and walnuts.

Navona Square and surrounding areas
Quite a few, the parlors nearby Eitch.
Among them, ‘Cremì’ – which offers offre homemade gelato and fruit sorbets but also crêpes, waffles and milkshakes - and ‘3 Fontane’, a now traditional event for anyone wanting a “gelato with a view” on the monumental Square. In the immediate vicinity instead, you will find ‘Quinto’ – of Roman name but Sardinian taste since 1915, thus one of the most crowded. But also ‘Mastro Cono’, another parlor of reference for the Romans,‘Frigidarium’ (known for its variety of ancient and modern flavors) and ‘La Romana’ – gelato and pastry shop since 1947, very attentive to the authenticity of the ingredients.
Whether is about classic or modern palates and tastes, you’re spoiled for choice. As for the flavors we propose at our Restaurant - in creative homage to sea, Rome and hinterland traditions. As for the Baroque architecture, starting from the storical mansion that houses us and from the Sant’Agnese Church immediately next door, both built by Borromini, and for the works of his legendary rival, Bernini, from the frescoes inside Eitch to the Four Rivers’ Fountain outside. As for the Art collections a stone’s throw from us, that we have told you on these pages.

A different gelato, the one tasted while looking at History – isn’t it?

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