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Five minutes from Eitch - Hadrian's time in Piazza di Pietra

A sort of homage to the emperor Hadrian, who was practically honored as a god following his death. We are talking about the wonderful Time of Hadrian, also known as Hadrian's Temple: it is an ancient Roman temple that was built inside Campo Marzio in Rome. Nowadays, we still have the opportunity to admire a part of it, in Piazza di Pietra, which was named in this way exactly due to the presence of the remains of this building for many centuries. There is a high probability that the construction work on the temple started when the emperor Hadrian was still alive, with the intention of dedicating this building to his wife, Vibia Sabina, who died in 136. In fact, a fundamental role in carrying out the work on this temple was carried out by Antonino Pio, under whose direction the construction sites ended in 145. Today, eleven of the thirteen columns that were built on the north side, which are currently incorporated in the building in where the Rome Chamber of Commerce is located.

The main features of the temple of Hadrian
At the end of the works, this temple could count on the presence of 8 columns on the front, while it had another 13 Corinthian columns of white marble on the two longer sides. Once, all around this spectacular temple there was a large arcaded square, which had columns of ancient yellow marble, which allowed a wonderful opening towards what was called via Lata, through a monumental arch. This very structure was promptly renamed "Arco di Antonio", demolished due to some problems related to safety.
It seems that this square should have counted, at least on the northernmost part, on an exedra of considerable size, which must have closely resembled that of the Forum of Trajan and that of the Forum of Augustus.
On the pedestals of the columns there is the possibility of finding a large number of reliefs, which show various military trophies, weapons, but also various armor. What did they mean? They simply wanted to highlight Hadrian's strategy more tending to peace between the peoples than the emperor who preceded him, Trajan.
Without a shadow of a doubt, the temple of Hadrian is one of the places to visit if you have organized a trip to Rome and our rooms are located a few steps from Piazza di Pietra. These days, among other things, like every other city affected by the Coronavirus, even in the capital all the problems related to the pandemic are experienced, but there are also some positive aspects, such as the absence of the hordes of tourists who make visiting Rome is always a little adventure. If you love art, then you could combine pleasure with duty, choosing Eitch Borromini as a place to stay. The Collegio Innocenziano, the Historical Residence in which we find ourselves, crossing the opposite side of Piazza Navona, allows you to reach with a short walk the splendid Piazza di Pietra - where the Temple of Hadrian is located - more or less behind Palazzo Madama, the Senate of the Italian Republic.

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