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Eat well, in the center of Rome

Between a walk and the next, between the discovery of wonderful places rich in history such as the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, just to give a few examples, it is easy to start to have an appetite while touring the whole center of Rome.
Well, whether it is breakfast or lunch time, or even dinner, there are many restaurants in the center of Rome that can do for you. Why consume only the sandwich prepared in a hurry at the hotel before going out? Beware of the typical "tourist traps", which offer poor cuisine at "all-inclusive" prices. There are many restaurants to try, enjoying the best dishes, especially of the typical Roman tradition.

Let's start at Maccheroni, located in Piazza delle Coppelle 44, one of the most typical restaurants in the center of the Eternal City: many dishes in line with tradition, including saltimbocca alla romana, carbonara, artichokes alla romana, in short, an osteria try at all costs.

Da Gino al Parlamento
Another interesting place, which is really one step away from Via del Corso: also in this case, we are faced with a typically family-run trattoria, which offers the possibility to taste a large number of Roman cuisine. more authentic, including appetizers and various pasta dishes.

Osteria delle Coppelle
Also in the Piazza delle Coppelle area, there is a square with the same name and which is considered to all intents and purposes one of the best restaurants in the center of Rome. Elegance and comfort, but also many tasty dishes: a real quality tavern, to be tried not only for lunch, but also for dinner.

Il Marchese
It is a classy bar, as well as a real Roman trattoria, which is present in via di Ripetta. At the Marchese you can taste and appreciate a truly genuine cuisine, in which the portions are notoriously abundant and where you can try a spectacular carbonara, as well as choose from a selection that consists of more than 500 bitters.

Il Piccolo Buco
It does not take a genius to understand how we find ourselves in front of a restaurant in the center of Rome that does not make size its strong point. Yet, in terms of quality, it really does not have anything less than the other competitors. Specifically, as far as the pizza menu is concerned, the Piccolo Buco is second to none.

In short, there are many restaurants to discover in the central area of ​​the capital, which is why you also need to stay in a structure that is not only comfortable, but also easy and quick to reach.

We cannot close the roundup of these splendid eno-gastronomic embassies in Rome, without mentioning the restaurant in our Art Gallery: Terrazza Borromini.
In our building, therefore, there are not only comfortable rooms and carefully selected works of art: Mediterranean flavors are the protagonists on the fourth floor, in an unprecedented setting overlooking Rome. The restaurant is developed in the rooms overlooking Piazza Navona, with the possibility of admiring the original frescoes by Bernini. The refinement of the first quality ingredients and the passion that the staff puts into composing unique dishes, continuously renew the menu - inspired by the Roman tradition. In the rooms you can admire a selection of works from the adjacent Borromini Art Gallery.

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